I believe that every freedom-loving person should do their part to help the suffering
people of the Ukraine during this senseless attack of Putin's army.

That's why I've decided to part with some of my Marantz collection
and donate the proceeds from their sales to the organization “Doctors Without Borders”,
which is currently conducting an unprecedented humanitarian effort in the Ukraine.


These are the Marantz units available from my collection:

Tapedeck Model 5030   - SOLD! -

Tapedeck Model 5030B   - SOLD! -

Tapedeck Model 5220   - SOLD! -

Tuner Model 23

Tuner Model 104   - Advance notice. Offer will be available soon! -

Tuner Model 115B   - SOLD! -

Tuner Model 125   - SOLD! -

Tuner Model 2110


Tuner ST 450

Tuner ST 510

Tuner ST 520

Receiver Model 2010   - SOLD! -

Stereo Power Amplifier Model 140R -

Mono Power Amplifier MA-5 ESOTEC

Mono Power Amplifier MA-6

Stereo Pre Main Amplifier PM-5   - Advance notice. Offer will be available soon! -

Rack-Handles RHA-1